APHA Section Chairs

Aging & Public Health

Mary Gallant, MPH, PhD

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

Sean Haley, MPH, PhD

Applied Public Health Statistics 

Lei Zhang, PhD

Chiropractic Health Care

Jason Napuli, DC, MBA

Community Health Planning and Policy Development

Bryan Buckley, MPH, DrPH(c)

Community Health Workers

Leticia Boughton-Price, MSW


Meg Traci, PhD


Jyotsna Jagai, MS, MPH, PhD


Laurie Elam-Evans, PhD, MPH


Selena Ortiz, PhD, MPH

Food and Nutrition

Julie Reeder, MPH, CHES, PhD

Health Administration

Jeanette Kowalik, MPH, MCHES, PhD

Health Informatics Information Technology

Jayfus Doswell, PhD


Stacy Smallwood, MPH, PhD

Injury Control and Emergency Services

Laura Schwab-Reese, MA, PhD

Integrative Complementary and Traditional Health Practices

Deborah Ndao, MPH

International Health

Sarah Shannon


Jada Fehn, JD

Maternal and Child Health

Whitney Witt, PhD, MPH

Medical Care

Jessica Williams, PhD

Mental Health

Mary Jane Alexander, PhD

Occupational Health and Safety

Amber Mitchell, MPH, CPH, DrPH

Oral Health

Peggy Timothe, DDS, MPH


Natalie DiPietro Mager, PharmD, MPH

Physical Activity

Elizabeth Richards, PhD, RN

Public Health Education and Health Promotion

Sandy-Asari Hogan, DrPH, MPH, CHES, CPH

Public Health Nursing

Lisa Campbell, DNP, RN, APHN-BC

Podiatric Health

Dyane Tower, DPM, MPH, MS

School Health Education and Services

Samira Soleimanpour, PhD

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Aline Gubrium, PhD

Public Health Social Work

Anjanette Wells, PhD, LCSW

Vision Care

Padhmalatha Segu, OD

Student Assembly

Allison Casola, MPH, CHES