Agency Membership and Company & Consultant Membership

These membership categories provide benefits for your entire organization. Key benefits include:

  • A huge discount for your employees to become individual members of APHA 
  • Discounted registration to the APHA Annual Meeting and Expo
  • A 10% discount on booth space at APHA's Annual Meeting and Expo, which typically welcomes more than 12,000 people each year (this discount is only available to new Agency members).
  • One print copy of the American Journal of Public Health and The Nation's Health
  • Up to 30% savings on publications at APHA Press
  • 50% discount on classified ads in the American Journal of Public Health
  • Up to 30% discount on Public Health CareerMart job postings

If your employees decide to become Individual Members of APHA*, this makes them eligible for the full range of member benefits, including:

  • The ability to present at the APHA Annual Meeting and Expo
  • Online-only access to the American Journal of Public Health
  • The opportunity to participate in two Sections of their choosing

Agency Membership is open to local, state and federal government agencies, academic institutions and nonprofit, non-governmental organizations with an interest in public health, including:

  • Official health agencies 
  • Voluntary health agencies and institutions 
  • Health and welfare councils 
  • Agencies providing health services as part of a broader program 
  • Agencies and organizations that have established a recognized standing in the health field
  • Nonprofit academic institutions

Company & Consultant Membership is open to all organizations that don’t meet the requirements for Agency Membership.

See who's an APHA Agency and Company & Consultant Member

Membership Dues 

Organization Size   Nonprofit Agency  Company or Consultant 
1-20 employees
21-100 employees 
101-200 employees 
201-300 employees 
301-400 employees
401-500 employees
501-750 employees 
751-1,000 employees 
1,001+ employees 

All new Agency and Company & Consultant members must submit an Agency and Company & Consultant application (PDF). The application must then be  approved by the APHA Executive Board, which meets about every two months. The organization and its employees will not be eligible for APHA member benefits prior to board approval of membership, which may take up to 10 weeks.


Check out the full list of member benefits and requirements in our Frequently Asked Questions. (PDF)

Need more information? Contact Membership Marketing Manager Nancy Sherwood via email or at 202-777-3914.

*Before joining or renewing as an APHA member, employees should consult their management office to see if their organization is either currently an APHA Agency or Company & Consultant member or is in the process of becoming one. Refunds and member type changes will not be offered retroactively. Members who join or renew independent of an organization are eligible to renew at the agency individual rate at the end of their membership term as long as their organization is a member in good standing.

Please note: The APHA Agency Member Directory does not reflect organizations that are in the process of applying for membership. Please consult your organizational leadership to inquire about your organizations status.

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