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Control of Communicable Diseases Manual book coverControl of Communicable Diseases Manual, 21st Edition 
is the trusted source for public health professionals on identifying and controlling infectious diseases for over 100 years.

The updated edition includes new chapters on SARS-CoV-2, Zika, and many more. This landmark publication is essential to all those in and around public health.




book cover Control of Communicable Diseases Clinical PracticeControl of Communicable Diseases: Clinical Practice
Addressing the needs of the busy or traveling clinician, this book covers diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases, while also providing an overview of epidemiology and prevention.

The book packs a great deal of authoritative knowledge from worldwide public health and health care experts.

Control of Communicable Diseases Laboratory Practice book coverControl of Communicable Diseases: Laboratory Practice
Laboratory Practice gives an overview of the latest laboratory procedures for each disease, as well as information on laboratory safety practices, the critical role of quality assurance in all testing and the importance of laboratory informatics and rapid reporting processes.

The in-depth detail for each disease makes this book a must-have for laboratory scientists, epidemiologists and others involved with communicable disease control. 

Healthy Aging Through the Social Determinants of Health book coverHealthy Aging Through The Social Determinants of Health
This book gives insight into the role that each of these plays in the healthy aging process: health and health care; neighborhood and built environment; social support; education; and economics and policy.



Landesman's Public Health Management of Disasters book coverLandesman's Public Health Management of Disasters, 5th Ed.
Landesman's Public Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide is both a comprehensive textbook and an essential tool for those who have a role in disaster management. Every chapter now includes an expansive section on Covid-19 covering all of public health’s responsibility as it relates to the Pandemic.


Gun Violence Prevention a Public Health Approach book coverGun Violence Prevention: A Public Health Approach 
Gun Violence Prevention: A Public Health Approach acknowledges that guns are a part of the environment and culture. This book focuses on how to make society safer, not how to eliminate guns. Using the conceptual model for injury prevention, the book explores the factors contributing to gun violence and considers risk and protective factors in developing strategies to prevent gun violence and decrease its toll. 

cover of Advocacy for Public Health and Policy ChangeAdvocacy for Public Health Policy Change
Advocacy for Public Health Policy Change: An Urgent Imperative will be instrumental in training public health practitioners and students to turn their expertise into sound policies and laws. Helping readers address better health policy.


Public Health Under Siege book coverPublic Health Under Siege
Public Health Under Siege: Improving Policy in Turbulent Times explores the impact of policy on our nation's health and offers specific actions to improve health and extend life expectancy. The book goes beyond national health policy to describe how addressing inequities at the local level in areas such as education and housing can effect lasting change in population health.

Book Cover: Cannabis: Moving Forward, Protecting HealthCannabis: Moving Forward, Protecting Health
Cannabis: Moving Forward, Protecting Health addresses the ongoing debate on cannabis policy and provides guidance on how to regulate its sale and distribution. Instead of taking a stance for or against cannabis use, the book suggests we employ strategies similar to those used in alcohol control to create a solid foundation of policy and best practices.