Public Health Social Work

The Public Health Social Work Section:

  1. Establishes standards for social work in health care settings.
  2. Contributes to the development of public health social work practice and research.
  3. Promotes social work programs in the public health field.

Some of us are social workers working in public health settings, some are public health professionals interested in social work and still others are professionals who pursued both MSWs and MPHs, in combined programs or at different times.


  • Strengthen the PHSW Section by fully engaging our members and partners.
  • Successfully implement education and advocacy efforts that achieve their intended outcomes. 
  • Identify, support and mentor Section leaders/members who can help partners make positive, supportive and equitable program and policy decisions.
  • Promote and distribute culturally relevant, research-based resources, publications, tools, curricula, and other communications, through social media and other channels.
  • Strengthen collaborations with national social work and behavioral health partners.
  • Successfully implement policy development and advocacy efforts.