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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit an application to join APHA online?

Yes. You may apply to APHA online or download an application (PDF) for faxing or mailing to APHA.

If my membership has lapsed, how can I re-activate it?

You may reinstate by contacting the APHA Membership Department directly at 202-777-2400 or renew online.

How long is my APHA membership term?

The APHA membership term is one year. All new and reinstated memberships and  American Journal of Public Health  subscriptions begin the month following receipt of application/payment and continue for 12 months. Examples: July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 or Nov. 1, 2014 through Oct. 31, 2015.

How do I get a receipt for my APHA dues?

Log in to your APHA member profile to print a receipt, or contact the APHA membership department at 202-777-2400 or via email.

Are my membership dues tax-deductible, refundable or transferable?

Membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. APHA policy provides that all individual members have equal eligibility and responsibility for full participation in the programs of the Association. Dues are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

I'm an auto-billed member, and I can't register for the Annual Meeting.

There are two ways to proceed for “auto-billed” members:

  1. Submit a paper version of the registration form to JSpargo. When it is processed, you will receive a confirmation indicating that you’ve been registered as a non-member and that you have a balance due of $200. When you receive this message, contact the Membership department and they will notify JSpargo that you are an auto-billed member. The balance will then be waived.
  2. Contact Eric Sandford at JSpargo at 703-679-3912 or email him, and he will help you through the registration process.
My member type requires "proof of status." What documents are acceptable?

Several member types require proof of status, so the acceptable proof depends on the member type.

  • Regular Member (whose annual salary is less than $45,000 or the USD equivalent): Proof of income is required.  Acceptable proof: letter from employer confirming annual salary, pay stub, W2, etc.
  • Student: Proof of student status is required.  Acceptable proof: letter from registrar, school schedule with graduation date, transcript.
  • Early Career Professional: Proof of recent graduation is required.  Acceptable proof: copy of degree, final transcript (must list graduation date).

Note: Retired members have to provide a “declaration of status” in which they simply check a box on the application form (print or online) confirming that they meet the requirements.  Retired members do not need to send in any additional documentation. 

If I have never set up a membership username and password, how do I receive them?

APHA members automatically receive a username and password upon joining if they provide a valid email address. If you do not know or did not receive your username and password, call our membership line at 202-777-2400 or email us.

What is my online access information? I want to update my profile.

Your username is the email address in your member account. If you need to confirm the email address on your account, please email us or call 202-777-2400. You can reset your password online.

How do I change my contact information with APHA?

Either update your information in your online Profile or email changes to the APHA Membership Department.

How can I access AJPH online?
  1. If you’ve signed in at, log out of
  2. Visit and click on the "APHA Member Sign-in" button to the left of your screen, which will redirect you back to the APHA website log-in window.
  3. Log into your APHA account, and at which time you should be automatically re-routed back to the AJPH website.
  4. The "APHA Member Sign-in" button should now say "Welcome APHA Member," confirming that you have logged in successfully. You can now access the AJPH content.

If you run into a problem with your username or password, please contact APHA membership services directly at 202-777-2400, or email us and let us know you need help with your username or password.

What is an APHA Section?

The 33 Sections/Special Primary Interest Groups represent major public health disciplines or programs. These communities bring members together to network and collaborate on current issues. Sections/SPIGs develop scientific program content and policy papers in their fields of practice as well as provide career development and mentoring opportunities.

APHA membership includes membership in two Sections/SPIGs. Members can purchase a third Section/SPIG for $15. Section/SPIG participation is exclusive to APHA members.

What is the difference between a Section and a SPIG?

Sections and a SPIGs provide the same benefits to APHA members. However, Sections generally are larger and more-established member groups.

Can I add or delete an APHA Section, SPIG or Forum online?

Yes, APHA Sections, SPIGs and Forums may be added or deleted online. Log in to "My APHA" and select the third option on the dropdown menu "Update Public Health Interest" to review or make changes to your record.

What is a Forum?

An APHA Forum is a membership unit composed of APHA members who are working together on a specific issue that is important to public health and crosses disciplinary boundaries across Sections and SPIGs  (i.e. Breastfeeding, Cancer, etc.).