Who We Are


The mission of the Food and Nutrition Section is to lead and collaborate within the public health community to advance nutrition and health equity. We do this through:

  1. Advocating for policies, practices, and environmental changes.
  2. Promoting and disseminating research and best practices.
  3. Cultivating a skilled and inclusive workforce and recognizing achievement.

Brief History

The Section was first formed in 1917 as the Food and Drug Section. In 1930, it was renamed the Food, Drugs and Nutrition Section, and in 1932, it became the Food and Nutrition Section. Today, our Section has more than 1,600 members, including students, nutritionists, health behaviorists, physicians, food technologists, epidemiologists, health professionals, educators and researchers interested in nutrition and policy issues.


The objectives of our Section are to:

  • Inform members of and influence national policy developments related to food, public health nutrition and physical activity through collaborative partnerships;
  • Keep the Food and Nutrition Section membership informed about new research and knowledge related to food, nutrition and physical activity;
  • Strengthen and support public health policy and practice through the development of resolutions, position papers and policy statements related to current and emerging issues in nutrition and physical activity;
  • Advocate for policies, programs, services and environmental changes that will improve and support healthful eating and physical activity;
  • Support the public health nutrition workforce in recruiting and training, with a special emphasis on diversity;
  • Have a voice in APHA governance; and
  • Increase and strengthen membership in the Food and Nutrition Section.

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