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Generation Public Health

Everyone has the right to good health

In the U.S., where you live, your income, education, race and access to health care mean as much as a 15-year difference in how long you will live. Equally shocking: studies show that even wealthy, highly educated Americans with access to quality care suffer a health disadvantage to peers in other high-income countries. That's why APHA created Generation Public Health. 

We're a national movement of people, communities and organizations working to ensure conditions where everyone has the opportunity to be healthy. Our vision is to create the healthiest nation in one generation.

Join Generation Public Health and help create change!

Change can only happen if we make healthy choices as a society. This means improving everything that impacts health — from housing, education and income to community design, transportation and our environment. Together, we can all be the generation that changes the course of health in America. 

Join Generation Public Health today, and learn about easy ways to support better health in your community.

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Help us create the healthiest nation in one generation.

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