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Brand Guidelines

Consistent APHA branding is critical given the wide range of health issues we support. Every branding decision we make regarding logo, fonts and language helps shape that brand. A consistent brand guarantees that anyone looking at anything we do — from a video to a brochure — will recognize that we are APHA at first glance.

APHA has developed specific guidelines for four areas of our association. Please refer to the guidelines that best reflect your usage intent and relationship with APHA.

APHA logo guidelines (PDF)
Designed for staff, members, partners and other entities wishing to utilize APHA’s logo and style to correctly reflect the APHA brand on communication materials. 

APHA member group logo guidelines (PDF) 
Designed for members of APHA who are producing communication materials on behalf of an official member group of APHA (Section, Special Primary Interest Group, or Forum)

APHA affiliate logo guidelines (PDF)
Designed to support official affiliated associations of APHA to correctly promote their relationship with APHA.

APHA Caucus guidelines (PDF)
Designed to support Caucuses to correctly promote their relationship with APHA.

Questions and Logo Requests

Please email us with questions or to request a logo file.

Review and Approval

APHA requires pre-approval for an use of our logo in any communication materials. For material review, attach your document and email us.

Questions or requests?

Email us to request logo files or answers on guidelines.

Need approval?

Email your final materials for review and approval.