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Accessibility Policy

It is the policy of APHA to hold meetings, conference and professional gatherings where no attendee feels excluded due to disabilities, allergies or personal preferences. APHA complies with the American with Disabilities Act and makes all reasonable arrangements to ensure comfortable and accessible events for all. We recognize not all disabilities require accommodations, and some are invisible. While we do not require attendees to disclose their needs, contact us at or complete the accessibility questions during the registration process for individualized support.

APHA encourages attendees and presenters to consider the needs of others when planning their presentations, communications and interactions. APHA promotes the use of inclusive language throughout the conference. As a courtesy to attendees with chemical sensitivities, all attendees should refrain from using scented products.

Planning Resources

Review the onsite expectations below. Contact or call 202-777-2528 should you require specific services.

  • Early Access to PowerPoints: If you would like copies of presenters’ slides, email APHA by Sept. 27, 2024. APHA will take all efforts to reach presenters and request slides. However, we cannot guarantee that presenters will provide slides in advance.
  • Hearing and Communication Support: See more information for those who need services such as sign language interpreting, amplification devices and captioning.
  • Mobility Support: Due to the large size of the Annual Meeting, distances between sessions can be considerable. Please remember to bring any mobility equipment you may need to navigate throughout the space. The Minneapolis Convention Center will rent wheelchairs and scooters at their Visitor Information Center. Pre-registration is not available, but you can call ahead at 612-335-6040 to check on availability. For guaranteed wheelchair or scooter rentals, APHA recommends looking into other rental option.
  • Personal Aide: Should you require an aide or assistant to help navigate the meeting, please email APHA to register your personal aide as a complimentary guest. Name, city and state are required for the badge. Badges for personal aides will be mailed to you, not your aide. Personal aides may attend sessions and access the exhibit hall but are not able to earn CE credits.
  • Transportation and Housing: See more information on getting around the meeting and the city and selecting a hotel.
  • Food Allergies and Preferences: APHA has signed the healthy food pledge and works closing with venue catering to include healthy food options and ensure all concessions accommodate a range of requirements including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and peanut free. When purchasing tickets to meal functions, be sure to include food preferences. APHA does not control the menu for all events organized by APHA member groups and affiliated organizations but encourages a diverse menu that accommodates all food preferences and allergy requests.

Minneapolis Convention Center Accessibility Information

City of Minneapolis Accessibility Information

Onsite Services and Expectations

  • Event Spaces: All venues occupied by APHA during the Annual Meeting are accessible in accordance with the ADA. APHA works closely with the hotels and convention centers to plan the conference and design spaces in ways that accommodate all attendees. All rooms at the conference are wheelchair accessible, though some may require a ramp or lift for access. APHA requests space for wheelchair/scooter users in the front and back of all meeting rooms. We also request that all roundtables be 6’ apart to allow for a wheelchair/scooter user to navigate the space. If you feel a room is not set to these standards, email
  • Presenter Setup: Standard setup for presenters includes a head table and podium which may be on a stage. If you are presenting and require a tabletop or wireless microphone or cannot utilize stairs to a stage, please notify APHA in writing at least three weeks in advance of the meeting.
  • Accessibility Desk: An accessibility desk will be staffed at the Minneapolis Convention Center to answer questions and to facilitate needs. The desk will be located in the Main Lobby and is open during registration hours.
  • Onsite Accessibility Contact: If you have accessibility questions or concerns and are not near the accessibility desk, you may email with the subject line “On-Site Accessibility.” A phone number will also be provided in the program and mobile app. Those working with an ASL interpreter will receive a number to text the sign language interpreter directly.
  • Onsite Accessibility Tour: A tour of the convention center and the Hilton can be arranged by request. Email to set up a walking tour.
  • Quiet Space: Located in the convention center, this quite space can be used to gather your thoughts, reset, pray or take a break away from crowds. This room will be set with low light, comfortable seating and relaxation items for those who feel overstimulated. This will be an unplugged room. Attendees are asked to refrain from using devices while in the quiet room.
  • Exhibit Hall Quiet Hours: For a sensory-friendly experience, attend the Public Health Expo during the morning quiet hour from 9-10 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday. Lights will be dimmed and there will not be any presentations (posters and theaters) during this time. Exhibitors have been asked not to play any loud music or videos at their booth.
  • Nursing Lounge: Spaces have been designated for pumping or breastfeeding mothers at the convention center and the Hilton hotel. This space includes comfortable seating, extension cords and refrigerators. If you are bringing children to the Annual Meeting, we encourage you to visit our onsite services page for more information about children under 18 attending the Annual Meeting.
  • Service Animals: All service animals are welcome in all spaces at the Annual Meeting. Attendees are reminded that services animals are working animals, and one should not distract or attempt to pet them.

Digital Meeting

The 2024 Digital Meeting will be held on the platform created by Conference Exchange and will consist of livestreamed sessions from the in-person meeting and recordings. All content on the virtual platform will include closed or open captions.

Accessibility Video Series

These short videos provide tips and tricks for attendees and presenters on how to help APHA provide an accessible meeting for all.