Hearing and Communication Supports

Sign Language Interpreters

Attendees can request a sign language interpreter for the Annual Meeting by submitting a request form (PDF) to access@apha.org. Preliminary forms are due Sept. 9, 2022. A final schedule of sessions is due Oct. 7, 2022.

On-site requests for interpreters can be made at the Accessibility Booth in the lobby area; however, APHA cannot guarantee a sign language interpreter will be available to accommodate a request without advance notice.

Amplification Devices

A limited number of amplification devices will be available. These compact devices amplify the sound in the room and can be carried from one room to another. For best results you may want to sit near the front of the room to better hear the presentations. To reserve an amplification device ahead of time, contact access@apha.org. Onsite, arrangements can be made by visiting the APHA Conventions Office.


All scientific sessions included in the digital version of APHA 2022 will be captioned including the live viewing of the Opening General Session.