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Agency Member Employees

Congratulations! As an employee of an organization that is an active APHA member, you are eligible for all the benefits below.

You'll need your organization's 7 or 8-digit member ID* to access:

  • Discounted registration to the APHA Annual Meeting & Expo
  • Up to 30% discount on products at APHA Press

You'll need to use your organization's alphanumeric code* to create a free APHA account to access these benefits:

  • Discounted individual APHA membership ($75 for employees of agency members and $150 for employees of company & consultant members)
  • Discount price on all products on APHA Now's video platform
  • Full online access to The Nation’s Health

Create your free APHA account now.

*If you don't know your organization's member ID or alphanumeric code, please contact your organization's APHA liaison or email

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