Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices

Our call for award nominations is now extended — the new submission deadline is August 16, 2019!

Don’t miss the opportunity to nominate yourself or your friends and colleague(s) to receive an ICTHP award. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the achievements and to support and encourage peers and new professionals.

The APHA Integrative, Complementary, and Traditional Health Practices Section is seeking nominations and applications for its ICTHP Impact Award, Emerging ICTHP Leadership Award, and ICTHP Student Fellowship Award. These awards recognize the outstanding contributions of members of the ICTHP community and provide unique opportunities for engagement in the ICTHP Section of APHA. Please circulate this material to interested ICTHP professionals and students.

Find nomination criteria here.

Please send nomination letters to our Awards Chair by Wednesday, August 16, 2019. Award notifications will be sent by Sept. 15, 2019.

The integrative complementary and traditional health practices field is a fascinating world where science, ancient healing traditions, modern medical systems, psychology, philosophy and even technology meet to create a thrilling universe of possibilities for promoting and restoring health and creating wellness.

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Our Section, founded over 20 years ago as a Special Primary Interest Group, is an ever-growing community of practice that recently gained Section status within APHA. Our membership is a vibrant, diverse association of professionals and students dedicated to promoting public health aspects of integrative, complementary and traditional health practices, including health care professionals, researchers, academics, policy advocates, and trainees A thriving international membership gives our Section a global reach, which enhances the potential for multidisciplinary interaction, facilitates the development of a wider perspective of the field and bolsters collaboration.

We publish a vibrant quarterly newsletter that fosters professional development and participation, featuring articles on academic exchange and policy, training and continuing education announcements, networking and collaborating opportunities, as well as contributions for and by students. The Section also develops a stimulating scientific program for each APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition, often in collaboration and fellowship with other Sections.

The Section cherishes student members and offers mentorship opportunities for professional enrichment and career development. We value student participation in all activities and committees and are cognizant of the fundamental role that new generations play in creating a shared vision, promoting creativity and invigorating the field.

We warmly invite you to be in touch with us and collaborate in policy undertakings and scientific program development. Together, we can work toward the goal of creating a health care system that includes wellness as a right, not a privilege.

Deborah Ndao, Section Chair