Conflict of Interest in the Atomic Energy Commission

  • Date: Jan 01 1971
  • Policy Number: 7114

Key Words: Energy, Environmental Health, Nuclear War Weapons Wastes

Our citizens have become increasingly concerned and knowledgeable about problems of regulating environmental quality. Public interest groups have been alarmed to learn of environmental and consumer protection programs administered by agencies whose orientation is to promote or protect a given industry rather than the interests of the public. A prime example of this conflict of interest exists within the Atomic Energy Commission, whose mission by Congressional mandate includes both the promotion and development of nuclear energy and the protection of the public from radiation hazards. This conflict of interest has weakened the credibility of this agency in its responsibility for the protection of the public.

APHA recommends that all radiation protection activities of the federal government be consolidated in a single federal agency which is focused on consumer protection and public service, and which is not responsible for promotional activities.

APHA commits itself to support legislative and other action to insure discontinuance of the conflict of interest within the AEC; to enter into coalitions with appropriate environmental and conservation groups; and to convey its convictions and intentions to those responsible.