Nuclear War and Nuclear Weapons

  • Date: Jan 01 1981
  • Policy Number: 8117

Key Words: Nuclear War Weapons Wastes, Nuclear Weapons

The American Public Health Association,

Noting the announcement on August 6, 1981, Hiroshima Day, to add the neutron bomb to our military nuclear arsenal, and the deployment in Western Europe of the Cruise and Pershing missiles; and

Believing that escalation in nuclear weapons development and production increases the potential for nuclear war; and

Knowing that there are already over 50,000 nuclear warheads in the world, of which 30,000 belong to the USA and that this represents an accumulated explosive power equal to 3 tons of TNT per person alive on earth, a quantity sufficient to destroy any country at least 20 times over; and

Recognizing that there is abundant evidence that it is not possible for nuclear war to be "limited" geographically, or to be won or survived; and

  1. Acknowledging that protests have been registered in Europe against this deployment of nuclear weapons; therefore
  2. Vigorously opposes the development and deployment of these nuclear weapons by the United States;
  3. Strongly supports a multilateral thermonuclear arms freeze and strongly encourages the Government to initiate multilateral talks directed at limitation of nuclear armaments;
  4. Notifies the United States President and Congress of this position; and
  5. Notifies the public via the media of this position.