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Speak for Health An Initiative of the American Public Health Association

Speak for Health is how APHA members stand up for public health interests.

APHA believes public health professionals deserve a stronger voice in public health advocacy. Together, we can change the narrative and turn the tide.

APHA is the leading voice for public health in Washington. The policies we advance are based in science, research and member-led processes. 

Join us and Speak for Health — for today and future generations.

APHA's Speak for Health campaign gives you the tools you need to talk to your members of Congress about the importance of public health. 

See how APHA members are speaking for health.

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Speak for Health resources


Impacts of repealing the Affordable Care Act

Public health brief in support of the Affordable Care Act in the case Texas vs. the United States (June 14) 

Read the APHA fact sheet on why we still need the Affordable Care Act (PDF)

Kaiser Family Foundation's summary of the Affordable Care Act

Center of Budget and Policy Priorities state by state impacts report

The Prevention and Public Health Fund

Read the APHA Prevention and Public Health Fund fact sheet (PDF)

FY 2019 funding distribution of the Prevention and Public Health Fund

State fact sheets on the Prevention and Public Health Fund (Senate HELP Committee and House Committee on Energy and Commerce)

State fact sheets on the Prevention and Public Health Fund (Trust for America's Health)

List of organizations supporting the fund (PDF)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention accomplishments using the Prevention and Public Health Fund and FY 2016 state funding levels under the fund

Read the series of Senate Dear Colleague letters spearheaded by Ranking Member of the Senate HELP Committee, Sen. Patty Murray, and joined by other senators addressed to their fellow colleagues to educate them on the public health benefits of the prevention fund. Be sure to thank your senator for their support if they signed the letter!


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