Addressing Collective Trauma through Cross-Sector Collaboration

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Dec 10 2019, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


This webinar hosted by the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine will overview the issue of collective trauma and present practice models that demonstrate how cross-sector collaboration between the arts and culture and public health sectors can address collective trauma in communities.

Despite the clearly systemic, community-level nature of collective trauma, many health interventions to address community trauma focus on individual level treatments, such as providing access to individual mental health services. While these approaches are important, cross-sector collaborations can enhance these efforts with collective, place-based offerings that target upstream causes. Artistic and cultural expressions — from performances or exhibits to murals in public spaces — can reflect, magnify, clarify, or reimagine a community’s history and collective experience, including the traumas that have led to systemic inequities and health disparities.

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