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Human Rights Forum

Human rights are a modern guide for public health, a vision that all public health scholars and practitioners shall uphold in their work. With human rights inextricably linked to the achievement of public health goals, a growing public health field has arisen in health and human rights, examining the human right to health and the interconnected rights to underlying determinants of health.

Reflective of this rise of the field of health and human rights, the APHA International Human Rights Committee, or IHRC, began in 1983 as an appointed committee of the APHA Executive Board, working over three decades to introduce human rights into public health discourses and to develop principles on public health and human rights. The APHA Human Rights Forum represents the next chapter in APHA's leading role in championing the cause of human rights in public health, increasing the overall APHA membership focused on rights-related issues and mainstreaming rights in public health practice. With the support of over 200 APHA members the APHA Executive Board voted unanimously in 2014 to transition from the 10-member IHRC into the Human Rights Forum, allowing all APHA members to join the Human Rights Forum in advancing human rights in public health.

The Human Rights Forum now sponsors a poster session and four scientific sessions during the APHA Annual Meeting and works with its members throughout the year to apply human rights law to public health promotion. To become a member of the Human Rights Forum, at no charge for APHA members, please update your component preferences on your Communities Page.

Chair: Sarbinaz Bekmuratova

Chair-Elect: Arduizur Carli Richie-Zavaleta

Immediate Past Chair: Mirna Amaya

Secretary: Donna Davis

Program Co-Chairs: WSarbinaz Bekmuratova and Arduizur Carli Richie-Zavaleta

Policy Committee Chair: Donald M. Osgood Sr.

Policy Committee Vice Chair: Tekisha Dwan Everette

Communication Chair: Nasrien Ibrahim

Communication Vice Chair: Yutian Li

Membership Chair: Juliana Musonda

EPI Section Liaison: Ayo-Oluwa Adesanya

IH Section Liaison: Jamie Zigterman

PHEHP Section Liaison: Ayesha Akhtar

Student Assembly Liaison: Star Purdle

For leadership contact information, log in to APHA LEAD using your member credentials.

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