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Educating for Progress

Educating the public health community, policy decision makers, potential partners and the public is critical to making progress towards creating the healthiest nation. Generation Public Health provides many opportunities to share your work and learn from others. We give you easy to understand materials to share with people who are not health professionals. And we give you a platform to influence public policy as critical decisions are made that impact our health.

Bringing the experts together

APHA’s Annual Meeting is the public health event of the year to network with leaders and peers across the public health community. Present your work or hear directly from those conducting the latest research and running successful programs.

Participate in APHA webinars throughout the year and take part in a dialogue on the biggest challenges facing public health.

APHA’s scientific journal, AJPH, is the best place to publish your work, keep up on the latest research and read commentary from leaders in the industry on breaking public health issues.

Educating policy decisionmakers

APHA advocacy alerts give you a platform to influence health policies at the key times that decisions are being made on Capitol Hill. And when your representatives are home in your district, APHA’s Speak for Health campaign gives you the tools you need to reach out to your members of Congress about the importance of public health.

Promoting public health in your community

National Public Health Week is the best time for the public to learn about public health and its effect on them and their families. We give you everything you need to join the national celebration of public health and communicate the valuable contribution we make to health in your community.

Share our infographics on topics including creating the healthiest nation, the social determinants of health, climate change and health, living tobacco free, battling obesity and more.

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