Advertising Policy

It is a stated purpose of the American Public Health Association to provide continuing education and information to its members and others in the public health community through the American Journal of Public HealthThe Nation’s Health, the Annual Meeting program, the Public Health Exhibition, APHA’s website and other Association resources.

The Association’s position on acceptance of advertisers and exhibitors is predicated on the rights of open communications guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution. However, it should be understood that the content of advertisements and exhibits shall not include information or suggestion, implicit or explicit, that would hinder the purpose of accurate information flow to their audience. With this in mind, the APHA has established certain standards for the acceptance of advertisers and exhibitors as follows:

  • All advertisers and exhibitors shall be reviewed for consistency in light of APHA’s values: health, equity, diversity, empowerment, integrity, dignity and knowledge for individuals and communities.
  • Acceptance of advertisers and exhibitors by APHA does not indicate and should not imply endorsement by the Association.
  • An advertisement or exhibit shall clearly identify the responsible manufacturer or sponsor(s), and accurately describe the product or service being offered.
  • It is deemed the responsibility of the advertiser or exhibitor to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the marketing and sale of its product or service. In all instances, acceptance of an advertisement or exhibit by APHA shall not be interpreted as a guarantee that the manufacturer has complied with such laws and regulations.
  • Identified quotations and excerpts from published papers in an advertisement or exhibitor’s literature are acceptable only if they do not distort the meaning intended by the original author, and conform to applicable copyright law. Furthermore, appropriate and adequate references for statements and claims made in advertisements or exhibitors’ literature are required.
  • The Executive Director of APHA shall make the final decisions on acceptance of any advertisement or exhibit.
  • APHA’s policy requires that all employment advertisements affirm in writing that the employer follows EEOC guidelines.
  • APHA reserves the right to reject any advertisement or exhibit it deems inaccurate, misleading, prejudicial, intolerant, irresponsible, unethical or which promotes products or services likely to the unhealthy, e.g., tobacco, firearms, alcohol and other hard drugs.

Adopted by the Executive Board June 1978 
Revised by the Executive Board May 1992 
Revised by the Executive Board January 2001

Downloadable version APHA Advertising Policy (PDF).