Action Alerts

5 Ways to Use APHA Action Alerts

1. Professional networks

Forward APHA action alerts to colleagues and others in your professional networks. Include a personal note so they know why you care about the issue and why you should respond.
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2. Friends and family

Share APHA action alerts with friends and family, including community and social groups, such as your book club or neighborhood organization.

The next time you host a BBQ, picnic or potluck, spend 5 minutes talking about an advocacy issue that's important to you. Ask everyone to speak out using an APHA action alert.
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3. Students

Tell your students or anyone you mentor about APHA action alerts and why it's important to speak for health. Use the alerts for student assignments or extra credit.
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4. Policymakers

Contact your policymakers and legislators; use APHA action alerts as talking points. Offer to be a resource as they work on an issue.
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5. You

Read the APHA Action Alerts yourself and make sure you respond!
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