Current Exhibitors Only

Beware of Scam Vendors

Tech-savvy scammers are reaching out to our exhibitors to create fake housing reservations, registration, attendee lists, and more. When registering for the meeting, make sure you are starting from an webpage. Below is a list of official APHA Vendors. If you are contacted by a company other than the ones listed below, do not respond. Send information on unauthorized companies to Edward Shipley.

Public Health Expo Vendors

  • APHA does not directly sell any mailing lists. Edward Shipley will begin contacting exhibitors in August if they wish to utilize APHA's 3rd party vendor service to send direct marketing emails to registered 2022 attendees. No 3rd party will contact you about a mailing list.
  • Registration & Housing: Spargo, Inc.
  • Digital Exhibit Hall & Marketing Upgrades: Personify, Inc.
  • APHA Advertising: If is is not Edward Shipley or Ashell Alston from APHA, you may be contacted by Cleo Chitester at Association Media Group: 804-469-0360 or from

If you are ever in doubt, contact Edward Shipley.

General Information 

View the Virtual Expo to view how attendees see your digital booth. The online exhibitor portal is your one-stop shop for building your virtual booth.

Log in to your personalized booth to:

  • Register your booth staff providing full access to APHA sessions and events.
  • Pay booth fees.
  • Update your virtual booth by adding text, images and videos.
  • Upgrade your booth to attract more attendees and customize their experience.

Enhance your Experience

  • Introduce your organization to attendees and showcase your products and services in the Industry Expert Theater.
  • Start an email campaign to attendees and get them excited about your booth and presence at APHA 2022. Attendee list marketing will be available for purchase closer to the meeting through APHA only.
  • Make a bigger splash with advertisements or sponsorship. This is a great way to amplify your presence at the meeting with your target audience.
  • Upgrade your virtual booth and display additional company information in the virtual expo.
  • Host a business meeting or social hour. For some of us, it has been 2+ years of being apart, organizations can host an event in-person. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the public health community in November. Meet with clients, alumni and partners, and engage with the public health community attending APHA 2022. Learn more about hosting a business meeting or reception.


Be Social!