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Building Extreme Heat Resilience Through Innovative Solutions

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Apr 04 2024, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST


The summer of 2023 was the hottest year on record. This warming will increase if we don’t act now to phase out fossil fuels and invest in solutions that equitably reduce heat. Heat kills more people than hurricanes, floods and tornadoes combined and threatens the health of vulnerable populations, such as seniors, laborers and children. Most Americans underestimate the threat heat poses to their health.

APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity is partnering with ecoAmerica for this webinar, which will explore the health impacts of extreme heat and innovative solutions that protect vulnerable populations. Heatwaves are predictable hazards. We need cost-effective technologies and strategies that lead to heat-resilient communities and health care systems. Join APHA and hear from experts who are implementing these innovative solutions at the local, regional and national level.

This National Public Health Week webinar falls on Public Health Workforce Day, a time to honor the hard work and commitment of those who have dedicated their lives and careers to protecting the public's health. In celebration, APHA will be offering free continuing education credit webinars to support growth in the field.

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