Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for the nominations of Association officers. It is composed of the president and the executive director as non-voting members and nine voting members of the Governing Council. The Committee serves from the time of its election until the reading of the Committee report at the first regularly scheduled session of the Governing Council at the next Annual Meeting.

All nominees for the Executive Board are selected from among the membership of the Association, except that the nominees for the offices of honorary vice president may include persons who are not members of the Association.

For more information on the Nominations Committee, contact Committee Chair Allison Casola, PhD, MPH, CHES, or APHA Governance Liaison Courtney Taylor.

Chair, Allison Casola, PhD, MPH, CHES — Student Assembly (Term Expires 2022)
Mary Armstrong, PhD — MH (Term Expires 2023)
Nick Collins, MPH, BSN, MCHES — Missouri Public Health Association (Term Expires 2024)
Christa Cook, PhD, MS, BSN, BA — PHN (Term Expires 2024)
Durrell Fox, BS — HIV/AIDS (Term Expires 2024)
Shenita Freeman, DSc, MSHIA, MPH, RHIA, CPHIMS, HCISPP, CPH — Aging and Public Health (Term Expires 2022)
Jessie Hood, ScD, MPH — MCH (Term Expires 2023)
Ashley Love, DrPH, MPH, MS, CPH — PHEHP (Term Expires 2022)
Kaye Bender, PhD, R, FAAN — Ex-Officio (President)
Georges Benjamin, MD, FACP — Ex-Officio (Executive Director)
Courtney Taylor, MSc — Staff Liaison


Job Description: APHA President-Elect (PDF) 

Job Description: APHA Treasurer (PDF)

Job Description: APHA Executive Board Member (PDF)

Nominations for APHA President-Elect, Treasurer and Executive Board members are due by 11:59PM ET on April 26, 2022. Please complete the Association Officer Nomination Form to submit a nomination.

Interested in running for elected office, but want to know more? Watch this Q&A session with the Nominations Committee and current Executive Board officers and members on the process and experience.

APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)