Committee on Bylaws

The Committee on Bylaws is charged with reviewing and modifying the  Bylaws as needed as the Association grows and evolves. The committee makes recommendations for changes, which are then reviewed and approved (or rejected) by the Governing Council. If the Governing Council approves the changes, then the changes are promulgated on the schedule stated in the Bylaws. Good knowledge of the structure and functioning of APHA is most helpful in service on this committee.

Amendment or change of the Bylaws at the Annual Meeting requires a two-thirds vote of those voting at the Governing Council, provided that 48 hours prior written notice thereof has been given. The Bylaws may further be amended by a two-thirds vote of those voting at any other meeting of the Governing Council called for the purpose, provided that notice thereof shall have been given at least 20 days prior to such meeting.

APHA Bylaws (PDF)

Process for Proposing Bylaws Amendments (PDF)

Chair: Burton W. Wilcke, PhD — Term Expires 2022

Committee Members

Pamela Aaltonen, PhD, RN — Term Expires 2024

Rhonda BeLue, PhD — Term Expires 2023

Betty Daniels, PhD, RN — Term Expires 2023

Rita Munley Gallagher, PhD, RN — Term Expires 2022

Resa Jones, PhD, MPH- Term Expires 2024

Staff Liaison: Courtney Taylor, 202-777-2496

APHA Policy on Executive Session (PDF)