APHA President Visits to Affiliate Annual Meetings

The APHA president visits are based on the president's term, which begins at the APHA Annual Meeting and ends at the following APHA Annual Meeting. For example, José Ramón Fernández-Peña will serve as APHA's president from November 2020 through November 2021.

Questions? Please contact the Affiliate Affairs staff at affiliateaffairs@apha.org or 202-777-2428.

2020 - 2021 2021 - 2022  2022-2023
Alabama Arizona  Alaska
Colorado Arkansas


Mississippi Iowa
New Jersey Kentucky
North Carolina Louisiana  Nebraska
Massachusetts  New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Maine  New Mexico
South Carolina
Metro Washington  North Dakota
South Dakota
Montana  Oregon
Nevada  Pennsylvania
Utah New York State  Virginia
Wisconsin Oklahoma  West Virginia
Wyoming Washington State  Vermont

Puerto Rico  

What are the APHA and Affiliates responsibilities? 

APHA provides: 

  • Information about membership and programs and APHA promotional items (will be mailed to the representative of the Affiliate's choice).
  • Air/train/car expenses for the APHA president to travel to the Affiliate's meeting location
  • President's food at airport 

Affiliate will provide:

  • Hotel accommodations, ground transportation once the APHA President arrives in-state and all meals for the APHA president while in the state for the visit.
  • Hotel accommodations will be prepaid by the Affiliate to avoid the APHA president incurring unnecessary personal expenses. 

What is the timeline?

APHA will begin requesting meeting dates for the following year in August of the current year. If your Affiliate leadership team has any questions, please contact us.