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APHA Physical Activity Section Annual Meeting - Oct. 27-30, 2024

Physical Activity Section members, join us in Minneapolis, Oct. 27-30, for the Physical Activity Section Annual Meeting. This is an opportunity to connect with the PA Section's members and leadership team and get an update on the PA Section's year-to-date activities. PA Section Chair Noel Barengo invites everyone to attend the Annual Meeting Social to be held on Sunday evening, Nov. 13. The location will be announced at a later date. 

The Physical Activity Section is a multi-disciplinary group of APHA members committed to physical activity promotion and equity through research, practice and policy.

Physical Activity Section Scholarship for Students and Early Career Professionals

Purpose: The purpose of this scholarship is to foster future leaders in the field of physical activity and public health by 1) financially supporting students’ or early career professionals’ participation in the 2024 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo; and 2) facilitating their involvement in the Physical Activity (PA) Section for at least the Nov. ’24-Oct. ’25 year. In order to support this purpose, APHA’s PA Section will award 2 scholarships up to $675.

  1. Eligibility: Those who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply:
         1) Is a current student or early public health career professional (within 2 years of graduation);
         2) Has an abstract accepted to the 2024 APHA Annual Meeting and Expo within the PA section;
         3) Is the presenting author; and
         4) Is interested in leadership development in the discipline of physical activity.

The Physical Activity Section is a multi-disciplinary group of APHA members committed to physical activity promotion and equity through research, practice, and policy. For more information about the PA section visit our section's website here

The APHA Annual Meeting addresses current and emerging health science, policy, and practice issues in an effort to prevent disease and promote health. In addition, it provides numerous opportunities to learn about public health careers, public health research, and to network with national physical activity leaders and role models. Attendance at this meeting provides an important opportunity for leadership development and networking.

  1. Scholarship Recipient Requirements:
    If selected, the scholarship recipient must agree to participate in each of the following activities:
         1) Be or become a PA section member prior to the 2024 Annual Meeting.
         2) Attend the PA Section’s business meeting (usually 2 hours on the Sunday afternoon or Monday early evening during the Annual Meeting).
         3) Identify a committee of interest within the PA Section and commit to participating on that committee for the following year here
         4) Attend at least 3 scientific sessions at the APHA Annual Meeting.
         5) In collaboration with the Communications Committee, write a brief reflection about their experience at the APHA Annual Meeting and how the scholarship was helpful. The reflection becomes property of the APHA PA section and may be used for marketing and promotional opportunities.
         6) Submit APHA Annual Meeting expense paperwork in the manner and timeliness requested.
    Note: A person may not win the scholarship consecutive years.

Application Deadline: Applicants must complete the application form and follow instructions described on next page by 11:59pm PST on July 10, 2024. The winner(s) will be notified no later than July 15, 2024. The scholarship will be awarded as a reimbursement of conference registration and/or travel costs and will be distributed following conference attendance and submission of receipts and associated paperwork. While recipient(s) will be notified of their awards prior to the Annual Meeting, the funds will not be dispersed without fulfillment of all of the requirements listed above.

To apply for the APHA 2024 Annual Meeting PA Section Scholarship for Students and Early Career Professionals, please submit the following items by 11:59pm PST on July 10, 2024. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Students and Early Career Professionals (within 2 years of graduation), please email all documents as a single PDF file to Liz Budd, PA Section Awards Committee Chair:
         1. Unofficial transcript reflecting your most recent degree completed or in progress. No screenshots or pictures will be accepted.
         2. Please provide a copy of your abstract that was accepted for presentation within the Physical Activity Section Program at the 2024 APHA Annual Meeting, as well as – a) abstract title, and b), if possible, session information (session ID, date/time (if available); see your Speaker’s Corner for specific information).
         3. Your CV or resume.
         4. The information requested below.

Please provide the following information:
     APHA Membership # (if you have one):
     Current Status:
          Anticipated graduation
     Early Career Professional
          Graduation year
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