Leadership/Contact Us

Chair: Robin Kimbrough-Melton

Immediate Past Chair: MaryJane Alexander

Secretary: Ali Rivera

Treasurer: Thomas Kane

Section Councilors: Crystal L. Brandow, Monica Perez Jolles, Jenn Leiferman, Sarah Lipson, Jennifer Magnabosco, Wyatt Meriwether, Ashwini Tiwari

Governing Councilors: Mary Armstrong, Lisa Melchior, Stephanie Spohr, Greg Teague, Jenna Van Draanen

Action Board Liaison: Christopher Larrison

Student Assembly Liaison: Jodi Kutzner

Standing Committees:

Advocacy Co-Chairs: Christopher Larrison, Jennifer Magnabosco

Awards Co-Chairs: MaryJane Alexander, Jenna van Draanen

Communications Chair: Wyatt Meriwether

  • APHA Connect Moderator: Ali Rivera
  • Booth Coordinator: Ashwini Tiwari
  • Social Media Coordinator: Wyatt Meriwether
  • Web Editor: Crystal L. Brandow

Program Chair: Genevieve Graaf

Membership Chair: Ashwini Tiwari

Mentoring Chair: Jenn Leiferman

Policy Chair: Jennifer Magnabosco

Ad Hoc Committees and Work Groups:

Climate Change and Mental Health Chair: Jennifer Magnabosco

Population Health Chair: TBN

Suicide Prevention Chair: Mary Jane Alexander

Contact the Mental Health Section

For leadership contact information, log into APHA Connect using your member credentials. You can also connect with us on social media:

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