Environmental Public Health Tracking

Everyone lives downstream from environmental factors that affect health. When communities can monitor and track what is going on upstream, they can put policies in place that ensure what flows downstream is healthy and safe. We work to promote the use of data, tools and resources to develop evidence-based solutions to protect the public's health.

We support the CDC National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program, which seeks to improve understanding of how chemical exposures affect the public's health. The Tracking Program's online Tracking Network provides access to health and environmental data, as well as tools to communicate about environmental health issues. 

The Tracking Network's online portal provides the public and public health professionals with access to data at the local, state and national levels. Enhancements to the Tracking Network allow users flexibility in data viewing and offer a range of maps, charts, tables and more.

By providing access to data at the local, state and national levels, the Tracking Network helps public health professionals solve problems. The data also allow health professionals and the public to see trends, measure the effectiveness of policies and inform public health interventions.

We work to increase awareness and support for environmental public health tracking among public health professionals and decision-makers. All communities should have the information they need to put effective interventions and solutions in place.

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