Climate Storytelling


Have you or those you care about felt the physical and mental health effects of climate-related events, like extreme weather, heat or allergy seasons? What actions have you taken, and which solutions have worked for you in your community?

Personal experience makes you your own expert, and your story has more power to drive climate action than facts alone. Stories make climate change relatable by drawing on common experience and core human values, like health.

Compelling stories generate empathy and understanding. They take listeners on an emotional journey and offer a sense of hope that inspires positive change. APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity is working to lift every voice to advocate for climate action today.

Storytelling Guide:

Check out Climate Storytelling: A Quick Guide (PDF) for more on the power of stories and guidance on good storytelling techniques.

Tiny Climate Chronicles:

Our 100-word story series features reader-submitted stories that highlight the health impacts of climate change and illustrate the ways we cope and overcome. Whether it’s our own or that of our loved ones and communities, health matters to everyone. Let’s share our personal experiences to inspire and empower action on climate change. Together we can build healthy, resilient communities — one story at a time.

We want to hear your story! Submit yours here. Each submission must be truthful, personal unpublished work. We encourage stories to be about 100 words each. Check out our guide (PDF) for tips on good storytelling, and email with any questions. Read about APHA’s “Making Climate Change Personal for Effective Communication” training to learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Fact sheets on Climate Change

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