Accountability of the Nuclear Industry to State and Local Governments for Radiation Injuries

  • Date: Jan 01 1984
  • Policy Number: 8407

Key Words: Nuclear Weapons, Legislation

The American Public Health Association,

Recognizing that there is concern over the adequacy of federal radiation protection standards to protect the public health and safety;1-13 and

Recognizing that operators of nuclear facilities have a responsibility to prevent the escape of radioactive materials from the restricted areas of nuclear facilities; and

Noting that the Supreme Court held that state and local governments are preempted by the federal government from enforcing laws to protect the public health and safety from radiation hazards;4 and

Believing that corporations which profit from nuclear technology should assume responsibility for the risk of injury to people or to their property in the surrounding communities; and

Recognizing that the protection of public health and safety is a responsibility of state and local as well as federal governments; and

Having previously addressed the issue of prevention of occupational disease and victim compensation in Policy Statement No. 8329(PP);15 and

Having previously recognized that the nuclear industry since its inception has been noted for incidents with significant actual and potential adverse effect on the health of workers and surrounding populations as noted in Policy Statement No. 7909;16 and

Strongly opposing any limitations on the liability of the nuclear industry, as stated in Policy Statement No. 8124;17 therefore

  1. Actively supports federal legislation which will ensure the right of state and local governments to impose civil and criminal liabilities on owners and operators of nuclear facilities for violations of local laws that protect the public health and safety from radiation hazards; and
  2. Encourages state and local governments to consider the necessity of establishing state and local radiation protection standards more stringent than the federal standards.


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