World Peace and the Military Budget

  • Date: Jan 01 1979
  • Policy Number: 7913

Key Words: Military

The American Public Health Association,

Recognizing the importance of world peace; and

Recognizing that the escalation of military budgets are a threat to world peace; and

Noting that national polls show over 70 per cent of the American people favor an end to all nuclear testing, and support the passage of the SALT II treaty and more cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union; and

Recognizing that a decrease in military budgets could mean dollars available for needed health, welfare, education, and recreation services; and

Recognizing that the SALT II treaty is a step in the direction of total nuclear disarmament and, coupled with the Transfer Amendment which proposes to take $12 billion from the U.S. military budget and use it for domestic needs, could add greatly to the quest for peace; and

Noting that in recent months the passage of SALT II has been threatened in Congress, efforts are being made by some to increase military spending, and that Senate debate on the treaty will open shortly;

  1. Supports the passage of SALT II and the speedy resumption of negotiations for an even stronger SALT III;
  2. Opposes increases in the U.S. military budgets which are based solely on the passage of Salt II;
  3. Supports the passage of the Transfer Amendment; and
  4. Directs that the Congress and the President be immediately notified of this position.