Nuclear Testing and Dumping of Nuclear Waste Materials in the Pacific Ocean

  • Date: Jan 01 1983
  • Policy Number: 8307

Key Words: Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Waste, Water

The American Public Health Association,

Understanding that nuclear testing and the dumping of toxic and nuclear waste materials are being carried out by major industrial nations (the United States, France, and Japan) in the waters of the Pacific Ocean; and

Recognizing that these actions have the potential for exposing the inhabitants of the Pacific Islands to nuclear radiation which will have adverse effects on their health and well-being; and

Recognizing that the dumping of nuclear wastes in the Pacific Ocean has the potential for contaminating the fish, which are one of the major sources of food for those living in the area, and destroying a means of livelihood for many; and

Recognizing that the continued practice of deploying, testing, and dumping of nuclear materials in the Pacific Ocean will further damage the delicate environment and produce negative short-term and long-term effects on the health and way of life of the inhabitants; and

Noting that this Association has previously recommended action with respect to the disposal of solid wastes;1 and has also previously expressed concern and opposition with respect to the deployment of nuclear weapons;2 and

Noting that the governments of the State of Hawaii,3 Guam, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Palau, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, and of health personnel4 have formally opposed nuclear testing in the Pacific and the dumping of nuclear waste products into the Pacific Ocean; therefore

  1. Advocates abolition of these practices which are jeopardizing human life and endangering the aquatic life and the environment.


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