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Giving Back to Atlanta

APHA's goal is for every registrant to join in the effort to give something back to our host city charity. Help make a real impact in Atlanta and Georgia by giving generously to HealthMPowers. You can give back with a monetary donation or with your time during the volunteer opportunity at APHA 2017. 

About HealthMPowers

HealthMPowers is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively to promote health behaviors and transform environments where children live learn and play. They seek to promote healthy habits to build a better future for children. By integrating nutrition education and physical activity into schools, childcare centers, and after-school programs, HealthMPowers creates a culture that supports lifelong healthy lifestyle choices for children, families and communities.

Make a Difference as a Volunteer (NEW)

Give something back to our host city charity. This is the first year that APHA is implementing a volunteer opportunity into the Annual Meeting. We welcome all attendees to volunteer on Sunday, Nov. 5, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Volunteers will help prepare 2,000 accelerometers for elementary school students to help analyze the link between physical activity and academic achievement. Volunteer space is limited, so reserve your slot through Annual Meeting Registration. Already registered? It's not too late. Add this change to your registration record. 

Your Donation Makes an Impact

Contributions can be made through registration. If you have already registered, you can log back into your record to add a contribution, or stop by any on-site registration counter at the Georgia World Congress Center to donate. Your contribution helps low-income children, families, schools and communities get access to nutritious foods, make healthy choices and become more physically active. Every dollar invested in nutrition generates as much as $138 in better health and increased productivity. Every dollar makes a difference!

  • $5 donation: Provides a childcare center with a taste-testing for children to try locally grown fruits and vegetables
  • $10 donation: Provides an elementary classroom with exercise DVDs for daily physical activity breaks
  • $25 donation: Produces health education posters for a middle school, designed by their student leadership team
  • $50 donation: Provides an afterschool center with more than 50 physical activity games for a variety of spaces
  • $100 donation: Provides a high-need community with educational health messaging billboard for two weeks
  • Enter your own dollar amount: Every donation counts!

Learn more about HealthMPowers:

Major Achievements

  • Reaching Communities in Need: In 2016, HealthMPowers reached more than half a million people in under-served communities.
  • Partnering to Make a Difference: HealthMPowers works collaboratively with more than 25 local, state, and national partners to maximize their positive impact. 
  • Integrating Physical Activity and Nutrition into Everyday Life and Learning: HealthMPowers brings multi-year, evidence-based programs to schools, childcare centers, and after-school programs across the state to integrate health at all stages of education.
  • Improving Behavior and Health: Last year, 781 schools and centers were served, reaching 319,000 children. Data showed a 95 percent improvement in health behaviors, 73 percent increase in aerobic capacity and 78 percent of students maintained or improved BMI.
  • Increasing Health Messaging and Access to Nutritious Foods: Family and community educators are bringing health messages to families, bridging HealthMPowers work in schools and communities, working with retailers to increase access to fruits and vegetables and sharing health messages throughout our communities through multi-channel social marketing.
  • Providing Statewide Training: Power Up for 30 is a statewide initiative supported by the Georgia Department of Public Health and Education to integrate an additional 30 minutes or more of physical activity before, during and after school. Growing Fit trains childcare centers to improve nutrition and physical activity programs and policies. Over 1,100 schools and centers have been trained through these programs, impacting more than 500,000 children.
  • Empowering Youth Leadership: Through social media, youth voice PSA video and Cooking Matters for Teens, HealthMPowers is teaching the next generation to advocate for health and transform their communities.