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APHA 2019 Presenter Timeline

Dec. 17, 2018                                        The Call for Abstracts is open. Submit today!
Feb. 19-22
Call for Abstracts deadlines are dependent on the Section, SPIG or Caucus to which an abstract is submitted. 

Resources and Guidelines from APHA 2018

The below guidelines contain important information needed for a successful presentation.

Recorded Annual Meeting Presentations (RAMP) — RAMP is a digital library of scientific sessions. Access your presentation along with thousands of others after the meeting. Presenters have the ability to opt-out of being recorded during the PowerPoint upload process. Purchase RAMP for APHA 2017, 2016 or 2015.

Presenter Registration

Presenter/Organizer/Moderator Policy - Presenters must be individual members of APHA. Session organizers, moderators and presenters are required to pay the appropriate registration fee for full or one-day access to the meeting. 

Membership Dues and Registration Fees:

Full Conference Registration
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Early Bird 8/16  Advance
Final After
Regular Member $220 $530 $585 $645
Discounted Regular (salary < $45,000) $105 $315 $345 $380
Retired $95 $315 $345 $380
Student* $85 $240 $275 $280
Early-Career Professional** $130 $335 $380 $425
Guest (Non-Public Health)   $335 $370 $405
One-Day Rates

Early Bird


Final After

Regular Member
$370 $395 $420
Discounted Regular (salary <$45,000)
 $105 $220 $245 $270
Retired  $95 $220 $245 $270
Student*  $85 $170 $195 $220
Early-Career Professional**  $130 $235 $260 $285
Guest (Non-Public Health)***  

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*Students must be enrolled in a degree program and should be taking at least 6 credit hours (undergraduate degree) or 3 credit hours (graduate degree) per semester or comparable credits in a quarter system.

**Person who graduated in the last 24 months and is transitioning into the workforce.

***Guest Passes are intended for family members and guests not actively involved in public health (not for business associates, staff colleagues or students). A guest cannot be a member of APHA. There is a limit of one guest pass per registrant.

Speakers who fail to show up for their presentation without notifying the program planner (PDF) of cancellation will not be permitted to present papers or posters at any APHA-sponsored meeting for two years following the "no-show". 

Copyright Issues - If you are using materials in your presentation (pictures, charts, graphs, videos, etc.) that are not original work, remember to cite the original source. If you are drawing heavily on another source, it is your responsibility to seek permission from the original source to use the material.

Publication Rights - Abstracts submitted and accepted for the APHA Annual Meeting may not be presented at any other meeting or published in any journal prior to Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018. If an author wants his or her paper published after the meeting, it is the author's responsibility to submit his/her paper to a journal for publication. Professional journals have their own format requirements and specifications for manuscripts. Consult the journal of your choice before submitting your paper. In general, all professional journals will reject manuscripts that are written in the informal manner of speech. Guidelines for manuscript submissions to the American Journal of Public Health.