Veterinary Public Health

The Veterinary Public Health Special Primary Interest Group focuses on the interface of humans and animals; not only the relevant diseases, but also the quality of life, health benefits and environmental health issues. We positively influence the human-animal connection and advance the One Health concept.

We currently focus on offering stimulating educational programs in the areas of: food safety; the health benefits of animals; and climate change - both the effect animal agriculture may be having on the climate, as well as the effect a changing climate may have on animal agriculture. 

 scientist analyzing milk bottle    vet examining cat

Contact Us

Chair - Catherine Machalaba
Immediate Past Chair - Tom Doker
Secretary - Ben Ashraf
Councilor (Member-at-Large) - Tom Gecewicz
Program Planner – Tom Doker and Alexandra (Chelsea) Schafer 
Policy Committee - Bill Courtney
Outreach Committee - Melanie Kirshenbaum
Communications Committee/Newsletter - Alexandra (Chelsea) Schafer
Web Editor - Venita S. Ramirez

Get Involved

If you have a specific interest or passion we encourage you to become involved as a member of our Outreach Committee or Communications Committee. Please contact Melanie Kirshenbaum and Alexandra (Chelsea) Schafer to learn more about getting involved.

Are you short on time? We understand. You can also consider other ways to be more involved in our SPIG:

1. Respond to an advocacy alert.
2. Post field-related information or opportunities on your online community/listserv.
3. Write an article for our Section's News & Events page.
4. Encourage a colleague to join APHA.
5. Review abstracts.

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