Mental Health

Promoting Research, Policy and Practice Addressing the Mental Health and Well-Being Of Diverse Populations

Patient speaking to therapistDoctor examining MRI scans

About Population Mental Health

When and how people experience mental health challenges is influenced by the interaction of genetic, cultural and social determinants. With this in mind, we encourage research, policies and practices that address population health strategies including prevention, health promotion, social justice and human rights.

Who We Are 

Our section’s vitality is built on 50 years of progressive leadership in national and international behavioral health. Behavioral health is a multidisciplinary field. Our Section partners across fields and professions to strengthen leadership in behavioral health. Section membership is cross-sector, multidisciplinary and includes students and professionals located in 45 states and 17 countries, who apply their interest in behavioral health to 30 fields. Members work at local, regional and national levels in roles addressing research, policy, advocacy and practice.

What We Do

Members of our Section are offered opportunities to work with each other and engage innovation by:

  • Sharing research, policies and practices that address the mental health, physical health and well-being of diverse and vulnerable populations.
  • Promoting fluency with the principles and strategies of population behavioral health.
  • Advocating for effective and evidence-based interventions, programs, systems and policies, including strategies designed to address the stigma of mental illness.