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Show Your Support for Racial Equity!

Advancing Racial Equity T-shirts

Donate at least $20.30 and receive a limited-edition Advancing Racial Equity T-shirt


Please support our ongoing racial equity efforts by making a donation today to help APHA continue to bring you innovative research, practice and policies to advance racial equity.

To achieve health equity and create the healthiest nation in one generation, we must address racism as:

  • a driving force of the social determinants of health (including housing, education and employment).
  • a root cause of disparate outcomes — such as higher COVID-19 death rates — for communities of color.

Racial equity is a priority issue for APHA. We're working every day to highlight collective and individual actions we can take to advance social justice.

APHA recognizes the hard work of public health professionals everywhere, especially during this incredibly trying and painful time for our nation. We encourage you to:

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