Environmental Health & Equity Collaborative

Resources on Environmental Health Competencies

  • Environmental Health Competencies (PDF) highlights literature reviewed on environmental health competencies and suggests the need to develop a comprehensive set of competencies that apply a health equity lens to create and sustain equitable environmental health practices, policies and decisions.
  • Environmental Health Competencies Questionnaire Report (PDF) gives an assessment of current environmental health workforce needs related to specific knowledge, skills and competencies.

Climate Effects and Environmental Health fact sheet page one
Fact sheet: Climate Effects and Environmental Health

This fact sheet (PDF) explains the link between climate effects such as extreme weather and health and encourages us all to take action to help communities. And it reminds us that climate change is a health equity issue because of disproportionate impacts on certain communities and populations. 

The fact sheet outlines opportunities for federal, state and local governments to help communities plan for and adapt to the health impacts of climate change. Those opportunities and recommendations include health monitoring and vulnerability assessments, adoption of a federal standard to protect workers from excessive heat, new partnerships that align stakeholders to respond to climate change and adequate funding at all levels to support climate change adaptation and response efforts.

Read the fact sheet (PDF)

Check out the accompanying list of resources (PDF)

About the Environmental Health & Equity Collaborative

Our environments impact our health. The Environmental Health & Equity Collaborative recognizes that upstream factors affect the health of communities downstream. The Collaborative works to create healthier communities for all through partnerships, information-sharing and elevating environmental health.

members of the Environmental Health Coalition on a Zoom meeting

The Environmental Health & Equity Collaborative is a group of environmental health professionals acting as a unified voice for environmental health. The Collaborative promotes environmental health through resource-sharing and coordinating efforts around these priority areas:

  • Climate
  • Environmental health awareness and communication
  • Environmental health workforce and education
  • Systems and infrastructure

Collaborative Co-Chairs: Kristie Trousdale, Children's Environmental Health Network and Cara Cook, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments

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