On this Earth Day, let’s resolve to work together to improve environmental health

Date: Apr 22 2021

Contact: Media Relations 

Statement from APHA Executive Director Georges C. Benjamin, MD

“As the half-century tradition of Earth Day continues to ask us of how we can become better stewards to our planet, it is time to start the tradition of how we can become better stewards of our planet in a way that promotes public health and equity.

It’s clear that the prolonged consequences of our inadequate attention to the health of the planet is impacting both our physical and mental health. We continue to ignore the risks of expanding our carbon footprint and inadequate adaptation to the effects of climate change.  In addition, our poor attention to other pollutants that negatively impact our environment risks both the health of our planet and ourselves. These challenges are even more significant for low- income communities as well as communities of color who are more likely to see the consequences of environmental pollution and less able to address them.

As we celebrate another Earth Day, let us remember that we each have but one life to live, and the quality of that life is closely tied to the fate of the one planet we have to live on. This Earth Day, we ask you to join the public health community in our resolve to work together for the better health of our planet, and for all of us.”


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