ATSDR - Safeguarding Communities from Harmful Chemicals: A Five-Part Webinar Series

APHA and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are proud to co-sponsor a five-part webinar series highlighting the vital work of the ATSDR. The series explores the Agency's role as an integral partner in: determining chemical threats; supporting communities with their environmental health concerns; protecting children and vulnerable populations; and supporting the specific needs of Native Tribes.  

Part I – Introducing ATSDR 

Introducing ATSDR provides a broad overview of the invaluable contributions ATSDR has made over the past years – from who they are to how they work to protect our communities from harmful chemical exposures.

Part II – ATSDR: Supporting Communities with Tools and Resources

The second webinar, Supporting Communities with Tools and Resources, shares information about resources and support provided by ATSDR to communities that are concerned about chemicals in their environment.

Part III – Informing Decision-Making through Health Assessment

In our third webinar, Informing Decision-Making through Health Assessment, describes the health assessment process the ATSDR uses to determine whether chemicals in the environment pose a risk to the health of communities.

Part IV — Advancing Environmental Medicine Practice

In our fourth webinar, Advancing Environmental Medicine Practice, explores how ATSDR is integrating environmental health with medicine as well as the Agency’s programs and activities on children’s environmental health and reproductive health.

Part V — Working with Tribal Communities

Our fifth and final webinar, Working with Tribal Communities, shares insights regarding environmental health concerns of Native Tribal communities and how ATSDR effectively supports tribal governments in addressing these concerns.