APHA TV airs a wide range of public health discussions from professionals, advocates and leaders, each giving their unique perspective and message. Since 2014, APHA has partnered with WebsEdge, an international film and broadcasting company, to create a platform to share even more of the meeting.

Watch highlights from APHA 2022

APHA TV Daily Highlights -Wednesday


Sandro Galea on health data

Natasha DeJarnett on climate change and health

Lisa Lee and Howard Koh on public health ethics

Sara Bleich on food and nutrition security

APHA TV Daily Highlights - Tuesday

Sara Rosenbaum on the Supreme Court and public health

Loretta Ross on reproductive rights and justice

Larry Gostin on law as it relates to public health legal authorities

Paul Reed on Healthy People 2030

Question of the Day: How can APHA help us overcome social and ethical challenges?

APHA TV Daily Highlights -Monday

Angie McGowan on the Alliance for Disease Prevention and Response

Walk and Talk with Chris Chanyasulkit on public health history

Dr. Gary Gibbons and Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable on CEAL Covid-19 disparities program

APHA TV Daily Highlights -Sunday

Brian Castrucci on public health workforce

Dr. Georges Benjamin Welcome Video

Kaye Bender reflects on her presidency

Dr. Ted Brown on APHA's past and future

Question of the Day: What are APHA's biggest accomplishments?

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APHA TV is produced during the Annual Meeting to provide attendees and those at home the opportunity to watch interviews from high profile speakers, learn more from session participants and hear from other attendees. Thousands of public health professionals view the program during and after the event.

A limited number of partner organizations will be featured during the meeting on APHA TV. This is a unique opportunity for health departments, universities, research facilities and others working in public health the opportunity to have their work, programs and campaigns featured in a documentary style film included in the AHPA TV program.

Since 2014, APHA has partnered with the international film and broadcasting company WebsEdge to produce the program. Leading up to each Annual Meeting, WebsEdge connects with organizations to discuss this great opportunity Learn more about the in-depth reports and how they can help you reach your goals by contacting Laila Rizvi