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Apr 26 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


Have you ever wondered if you needed a mentor? What a mentor does? Who should be my mentor? When is the best time for you to get a mentor? Or if you're a mentee, what could you possibly offer to a mentor? These are the types of questions that get asked on a regular basis about mentorship, but are often kept to ourselves. It's the who, what, when and how that is often hard to answer and the topics that usually go unmentioned. Until now!

Join the Public Health Education and Promotion Section for a discussion that explores some of these and other related topics around mentoring. During the webinar, you will hear from the firsthand experiences of our presenters. We will also have breakout rooms for people to have smaller conversations, compare experiences and share best practices while traveling the mentoring road. So, whether you are an early career professional or a seasoned veteran looking for a new way of doing things, we invite you to the conversation as we take this journey together exploring the Mentoring Map! Following the presentations and breakout rooms, there will be time for Q&A.

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