Promoting a Just Energy Transition – Energy Justice as a Public Health Issue

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Mar 25 2021, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST


Presenter: Surili Sutaria Patel, Director, APHA Center on Climate, Health and Equity

Climate change exacerbates health inequities. Political, economic, social and environmental resources enable people to cope with climate threats, such as extreme heat and natural disasters. But difficulty in accessing these can contribute to a potentially unmanageable energy burden as climate change worsens. U.S. communities that lack accessible, affordable household energy services may also suffer from poorer health outcomes, fewer educational opportunities, limited political representation, fewer economic opportunities and inadequate access to health care. As climate change worsens, the importance of adopting clean energy solutions is highlighted. Alongside community leaders, public health professionals have a role to play in monitoring, evaluating and supporting a transition to a healthier energy supply. A thoughtful energy transition provides opportunities for mitigating climate change and promoting health equity at the same time. Join this webinar to examine what a just energy future can look like from a public health perspective, including considerations for how those who prioritize energy equity and public health can work together to build partnerships, support affordable solutions, and measure impacts in support of a culture change that prioritizes a just economy and human well-being.


A LIFE webinar series event, hosted by the New York Low-Income Forum on Energy.

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