Montana Summer Institute

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Jun 22 2021 - Aug 05 2021


Transform Community Norms & Narratives with the Science of the Positive

A summer-long remote training series
KEYNOTE KICKOFF: June 22-24, 2021
WEEKLY WORKSHOPS: July through September 2021
YOUTH LEADERSHIP ACADEMY: June 30, July 14 & August 5

The 2021 Montana Summer Institute is going virtual! Register to learn how to improve health, increase engagement, and transform community norms. Get ready to rewire the way you gather your data, select your strategies, and connect with those you want to reach. Grab a sandwich or a latte and log on to expand your understanding of how to use the Positive to create change in your community.

The Keynote Kickoff runs from June 22-24, with two 75-minute keynotes daily. You’ll hear luminaries such as Dr. Jeff Linkenbach, Dr. Jason Kilmer, Carlton Hall, Corey Best, and Dr. Melissa Merrick speak on transforming community norms and narratives with the Science of the Positive.

Eight Weekly Workshops will extend these conversations throughout the summer, diving deep into topics including hearing and steering community conversations, Positive Community Norms as an evidence-based practice, and putting HOPE into action in classrooms and communities.

The Summer Institute’s first-ever Youth Leadership Academy will inspire and challenge young leaders. This three-part series for youth ages 14-18 will focus on Connecting with Your Why, The Power of Perceptions, and Balancing Hope with Concern.

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