Our Values

These values have propelled us forward for 150 years, leading to our greatest public health achievements. Today, these values form the foundation of the new APHA.


We are a "home" for people who share a commitment to population health. We believe we have greater potential for impact when we create community to solve problems, share new ideas and explore different perspectives.

Science and evidence-based decisionmaking

The best policies and practices are ones based on research, with evidence that demonstrates effectiveness. The best innovations come from testing new ideas and approaches.

Health equity 

We believe in conditions that give everyone the opportunity to reach their best health. This requires valuing all individuals and populations equally. It means addressing inequities in the places where people are born, grow, live, work, learn and age. When will we know we have succeeded? When health disparities are eliminated.

Prevention and wellness

Preventing disease and injury, mitigating the impact of disasters through preparedness and ensuring an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice are worthwhile investments that lead to an overall improved human condition.

Real progress in improving health

Our effort must result in forward movement in health impact. Sometimes that is a leap forward. Other times it's small steps. But always, it is real progress.