Environmental Health Partners

APHA and the National Environmental Health Partnership Council are pleased to present Investing in a Robust Environmental Health System (PDF), a guide to environmental health for the new presidential administration.

An organization can make a difference. But when we work together, in partnership, we can achieve real change to advance public health. Partnerships in environmental health work together to engage in actions upstream that protect health downstream.

Three of the partnerships APHA convenes with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide expertise, scientifically based information and tools that practitioners, the general public and decision-makers can use to help protect environmental health.

This group strives to support healthy people by working for healthier environments. The Council brings together diverse, executive-level stakeholders to help expand and sustain awareness, education, policies and practices related to environmental health.

This group of environmental health professionals acts as a unified voice for environmental health. The Coalition promotes environmental health through resource-sharing and coordinating efforts around priority areas.

The Think Tank is focused on working to promote tribal environmental health, establishing priorities in the field, building partnerships and giving a voice to the communities they serve.

Hot off the presses!

The Value of Environmental Health Services report (PDF), created by members of the National Environmental Health Partnership Council, sheds light on the economic value on the very environmental health services that prevent disease and create healthy, supportive environments. Also, check out the related fact sheet and webinar.

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