Empowering Environmental Health Professionals

APHA works to help advance the field of environmental health and address crucial issues facing the workforce. Those include dwindling professionals, lack of resources, increasing responsibility and limited visibility.

Despite the importance of environmental health work in protecting the public's health, this work often falls under the radar of public awareness. It's still not well-understood by the public. To promote and sustain their work, environmental health professionals need to engage in meaningful and robust conversations with those they serve.

Since 2011, APHA has partnered with the FrameWorks Institute, with funding from CDC, to research how the American public thinks and talks about environmental health. Good news! We've completed the research and are launching the learning phase, which is the next step in helping us all achieve better impact and visibility in our communications. To introduce the findings in the Toolkit, we hosted a three-part webinar series. Each interactive webinar focused on a different set of resources and strategies. Participants learned about the research base that supports these tools and came away with fresh tips and tools they can build into their communications right away.

The APHA Environment Section sponsored the development of a short video, "Environment, Health, You," celebrating accomplishments and highlighting future challenges for environmental health.

APHA spearheads efforts to bring together environmental and public health to increase collaboration, leverage resources and raise the visibility of the field of environmental health through the National Environmental Health Partnership Council.