National Conference on Citizenship

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Washington Court Hotel


Oct 19 2017 - Oct 20 2017


This conference demonstrates a continued focus on strengthening civic life in America by taking an honest look at the challenges facing our communities today —from a dearth of civic learning, to the raging opiate epidemic, to the persistent opportunity gap confronting our nation’s youth in marginalized communities. Reflecting directly on issues currently consuming our news headlines, this conference brings together civic engagement leaders, practitioners, students, community members, and other organizations in a candid dialogue about the dynamic and turbulent reality we all share. Our nation’s civic fabric has frayed, but he backbone of our country — its people — has demonstrated a resilience in community that has inspired powerful change. This is the work our field aims to lift up and amplify. Conference participants are deeply committed to the civic health and renewal of our communities and recognize that the path forward must be taken together.

Is there a link between measures of public health and civic engagement?  We believe the answer is yes. Communities with strong indicators of civic health as measured by the Civic Health Index (data collected by the census bureau) have higher employment rates, stronger schools, better physical health, and more responsive governments. Consider representing the public health sector by participating in the 2017 Annual Conference on Citizenship.

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