For Attendees

APHA 2021 — Denver and Online

With two ways to participate, the Annual Meeting is accessible to more people than ever. All attendees will have access to education, exhibits and networking.

The In-Person Experience

In-person attendees will have access to all the sessions presented in Denver, as well as live virtual sessions and the on-demand content after the meeting. APHA's high-profile general and featured sessions will be held in Denver. In-person attendees can meet with exhibitors, participate in unique networking opportunities and interact with presenters and other attendees in an informal setting. Nothing can replace the energy and connections of an in-person meeting. Best for: in-person networking, career advancement and camaraderie as an addition to your educational experience.

The Virtual Experience

Virtual attendees will gather online to participate and present. Virtual oral sessions will be presented live, and the audience will be able to interact with presenters. A limited number of sessions will be livestreamed from Denver, including all three general and the 11 featured sessions. All sessions, virtual and in-person, will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing after the meeting. Best for: access to educational content and for those who need the flexibility of a remote experience.

Can't decide? Consider the options:

   In-Person Attendee Virtual Attendee
Meet with leading public health exhibitors              X           
Present in Denver              X  
Ability to attend key networking events such as ticketed award ceremonies              X  
Chance encounters and camaraderie with peers              X  
Enjoy the beauty and excitement of the Mile High City              X  
Number of live sessions to select from during each time slot   60 sessions  30 sessions
Virtual Poster Presentations (248 sessions)              X            X
On-demand session recordings (available for 3 months)              X            X
Message attendees through the Virtual Meeting Platform              X            X
Present in virtual sessions              X            X
Live access to 3 General Sessions              X            X
Live access to 14 APHA Featured Sessions              X            X
Interact virtually with public health exhibitors              X            X

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