Job Seekers, We Hear You

A recent job seeker survey revealed that early career professionals want to see more jobs posted in the field of public health that don't require MPHs or PhDs. In response to the survey, APHA Public Health CareerMart has created a new pricing structure for entry level jobs. Employers who have entry level positions such as paid internships, research assistants and administrative positions, etc., can now post these jobs at a much lower rate. Job seekers in search of employment through Public Health CareerMart while working toward MPHs and PhDs will now find more entry level jobs from some of the top companies and organizations around the country.

APHA is also working with the Clinton Global Initiative to strengthen the U.S. public health workforce. Under the commitment, APHA will work on advocacy, career development and education in conjunction with the initiative. "Jobs, jobs, jobs: Generating employment for the 21st century program."

Although the slow recovery of the U.S. economy has most job seekers concerned about their careers, the health care industry is considered among the most stable of careers. America’s aging population and evolving health care coverage point to top health care jobs across a wide range of disciplines, according to CareerCast HealthCare Network.

Did You Know?

University of Arizona researchers determined that television remotes are the worst carriers of bacteria in hospital rooms, worse even than toilet handles. Remotes spread antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus, which contributes to the 90,000 annual deaths from infection acquired in hospitals.


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